When injuries and fibromyalgia prevented Memory (Linh Pham) from continuing her regular yoga practice, she turned to hooping and dance for exercise and moving mediation. Flow and connection with music are the foundations of her practice. As a klutz, she is familiar with the thrills and frustrations of teaching a body new tricks, giving her insight on how to adapt a technique for any student of any age. She firmly believes that anyone can dance and anyone can feel flow.

Dancer, Hoop & Flow Wand Performer
• Stage performer that engages the crowd and facilitates participation
• Specializing in normal, LED and fire performances
• Custom makeup and costumes to suit any theme
• Resident performer with Revolution Raleigh, a monthly event at the Lincoln Theater in Raleigh that averages between 250-400 people.

Stage Manager
• Assists with booking both DJs and performer talent
• Coordinates with the venue, lighting and sound engineers, performers, and DJs to ensure that any show runs smoothly

• Networker that personally engages participants with conversation, dancing, instruction, and promotion of upcoming events.
• Personally responsible for 100 of the regular attendees of Revolution Raleigh

Custom-made Hoops
• High quality, detailed custom-made hoops sized and decorated to customer specifications

One-on-One Dance and Hoop Instruction
• Available for personal classes suitable for adults or children
• Patient, thorough teaching that is adapted for each student's strengths and weaknesses

Notable Performances in the Past Month:
• Revolution Raleigh in Raleigh, NC
• Take Your Child to Work Day at the NIEHS and EPA in Durham, NC
• Dance Like No One is Watching Gala, an alternative prom for ill and disadvantaged youths in Raleigh, NC
• Rise Up Raleigh Benefit Concert for victims of the storms and tornadoes in Raleigh, NC
• Hooping Flow Workshop at Be Yoga in Charlotte, NC

Based out of Carrboro, NC and willing to travel.

Additional performers and DJs available upon request.


To contact Memory for performance, instruction, or purchases,
please email memorymovement(at)gmail(dot)com or call 650.804.0292